While you are w…

While you are waiting for people to change, either ignore them or change yourself to love and accept them.

Change is law of nature, everything and everyone change, but change is a slow process. Most relationships suffer because we are not willing to wait and give time for the process to occur. Adaptation, adjustment does occur ultimately if we wait long enough.

परिवर्तन ही जिन्दगी है, बदलाव संसार का नियम है समय के साथ बदलाव आना लाज़मी है, लय बदलती है युग परिवर्तित होते हैं वक़्त बदलता है मनुष्य को केवल इंतजार करना होता है रूपांतरण संयोग से नहीं होते, समंजन सहयोग समन्वय संयोग से ही सामंजय्स बनते हैं  


One thought on “While you are w…

  1. Time is timeless and Change a result of the timeless journey ………..Man waits for time but time waits for none…..Time is the father of truth it is said ..and change its child
    Without adaptation no creature including humans can survive. Acceptance is difficult but essential for peace love and harmony in any relationship.

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