Me and Myself

Do you have brains in your head?

No! but I have shoes in my feet. What if I cannot think at least the thorns don’t bother me.

Did I ask you for an explanation?

No! but I thought I should give. I am happy with what I have as I don’t have brains, I don’t know of sorrow.

Here you go again… just stick to what is being asked.

Well, I am sorry but I can not help it.

Do you have friends?

No! but I have acquaintances. at least nothing is expected out of me.

A simple no would have been sufficient.

well, till you have enough you don’t know what is sufficient and ‘no’ is never sufficient.

I meant can’t you keep your answers simple and straight.

I never knew answers to be straight, thought people are straight or crooked.

I dont know what to do with you?

Do nothing, I am not your soulmate.

you better go, and close the door behind you.

Which door, the door to happiness or door to sorrow?

What is it that you want?

I want nothing, do you have it?

No, but I have something that will make you disappear.

Thanks! but I do not want to disappear, and why should I when I can walk out of here through the door.

Please do so, and do close the door behind you.

which door, the door to despair or door to success.

Enough!!! I can’t take it any more and with this I jumped out of the window, there are too many doors to choose from.


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