1aimg_81234006318860The Indian Medical Education system is going through a change these days. The medical colleges are classified based on its ownership as the Government (central and state) and private owned by various trusts and individuals. There is a tendency to criticize government owned colleges and praise those owned by private organizations. This is actually not true, the country’s top colleges are actually government owned and managed. They have best infrastructure and produce the best doctors in the world. Irony is that the infrastructure in colleges other than the top 25 is very poor and there is a great  divide between them. Apart from the infrastructure these colleges also lack teachers though the patients are in plenty. Poor infrastructure and lack of teaches is a uniform problem irrespective of ownership of the college.

Now the irony, think about the students passing out of the top 25 medical colleges with best infrastructure and best teachers and compare them with those coming out from rest without proper infrastructure, teachers and even patients in some. I am well aware of colleges which pays individuals to pose as patients at the time of Medical Council inspection as they do not have patients and local practitioners as teachers. This basically means that the two doctors with the same degree do not possess the same set of skills and knowledge but both are legally qualified to treat. What is the fallout of this system? This is something no one is bothered about. Neither the policy makers and not the patients. The human inside us is long dead, we just have a human face not a human heart.

It is high time that someone should look at the whole of the Medical Education system, the policy makers should sit down and write the minimal requirements again. Like the eligibility test, even the exit examination should be common. As there are not enough teachers we need to relook at the eligibility of teachers and should also lay down minimum salary for them as well. Government should also look at the salary structure and make it attractive for doctors to join teaching, this should actually be better than what a private practitioner earns or salaries offered by the corporate. It is also important that rather than privatizing the Medical Education the government should invest in the medical education system. A healthy society contributes substantially higher to the socio-economic development and progress of the country.


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