Doctors are human …

cimg7973A lot is being written about the doctor pharma nexus. There is hardly any thing new that I can add. Actually, there is a lot that can be added but….

Medical profession is a lot different from other professions, actually in today’s context this is no more a profession but a full fledged business. Hospitals are not just shops they are like big mall’s all under one roof kind. These days they have their eateries too. One should not be surprised seeing a Pizza joint or a burger shop in the hospital with playing area for kids. And why they should not be, look at the average cost a person has to shell out to become a doctor. I do not think any one has done, but rough estimates would be around average of 25 lakh for MBBS, add masters and superspeciality one might have invested upto 2 crore. Obviously if you invest 2 crore in any business, you would definitely want returns. It is a normal business practice to expect 100% returns in 5 years, if this is expected in any good model, so why not in Medicine. In a country where an average movie does business of 200 crore why cant a doctor? After all he has also invested his money and more importantly 13 years of his productive life reading and imbibing knowledge, burning midnight oil while his childhood friends watched movies, played, listened to the music and danced all night long.
So what is the solution you will ask me? there are two things that can be done, first simple accept medicine as business and start coughing up your money to be treated for your illnesses and medical prescription. Second difficult, subsidise medical education all round including private colleges, make health care free for all, provide all medicines, surgical items and implants free of cost to all. And the most difficult part in making the second option successful, stop corruption and ensure its rightful consumption.

Please just do not make doctors a soft target, they are also humans, and they too enjoy the same rights and privileges under the constitution as others do. Please take heed to my solutions above and implement either. Choose the path.. time has come.


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