Indian Medical Association felicitation


It was only yesterday that I talked in my blog about my work being my award and my patients’ satisfaction, their being alive and socially active, my only felicitation. Little I knew that a surprise awaits me in the 99th Annual Indian Medical Association function. We went to the award function for the performance of Anushk, who had to play a medley on keyboard. IMA’s kind gesture of bestowing the Dr. U C Gupta memorial award for Surgical Excellence was a very pleasant surprise. I never expect any awards, as I work tirelessly for my patients and society. My work is my pleasure, and I do get my kicks from my work. Its my work that keeps me going and going strong.

The unique feature of this was receiving the award from the hands of a “Mritunjaya”. Seeing him at the helm of affairs and doing a wonderful job organizing a stupendous annual IMA function was bliss. May god bestow the life and happiness to each and every cancer patient and lessen their suffering, may god give me more strength to keep on carrying out the work to lessen their suffering and curing their disease. I thank all the office bearers of IMA Varanasi Branch, for showing their faith in me, and for their kind felicitation recognizing my work in Surgical Oncology.  I assure that this will strengthen my resolve and will make me do better than before.


4 thoughts on “Indian Medical Association felicitation

  1. Dear Manoj,
    Congratulations on a well deserved and timely recognition of your many achievements. Keep up the good work!

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