Limiting the Attempts #NEET2017


Limiting the number of attempts made for entrance examination is latest fashion. It is assumed that if you do not qualify in certain number of attempts you would never qualify that examination. It is also said that you are not serious or motivated enough if you do not get through in your limited attempts. The latest to join the bandwagon is the NEET UG. This started number of protests all over the country where those appearing for the examination think it is of disadvantage. Further, what should be the ideal number of attempts? Any research on it? Any rationale for it? No.

I qualified my entrance in third attempts, there were many in my class who made it in more than 3 as well, on the top was one boy we used to called “baba” who made it on 9th attempt, so was his quality bad? Absolutely not, Baba did his MS(Surgery) and MCh(Neurosurgery) and is heading a trauma centre in Capital. So its just about motivation, or being serious or there is more to it. I Qualified on third and am a Professor with a H-Index of 36 and have trained over 100 students by now, so should I not have been given the chance? Or was it wrong to have permitted baba to appear for 9 times? No. There are no rights or wrongs in the world we live in, only time tells. I feel its those who keep attempting again and again like Maharana Pratap are more committed than those who give up on few failures.

The government has to understand that the carrier options for those who do 10+2 with Biology are limited. Not everyone wants to do a BAMS, or BHMS or Nursing, they may be good carriers but then the society has to look at them with respect as well for them to be more lucrative with better remunerations. The carrier as scientist has failed to take off in India. With the poor infrastructure of laboratories and lack of constant funding, the research is dead. So where do the boys and girls with the Biology background go? This is serious. There are already so many disparities in this country, we blamed British for “divide and rule” and even long after they are gone we still continue to practice the same blatantly. We still practice the policy of reservation over equality. This is a country where for at least half the merit takes a back seat and for the rest, you expect exceptional brilliance and commitment. This is not a fair expectation.

For the youngsters too, I would say that there are better and more career opportunities in subjects other than Biology. You should discuss these with your parents and teachers, for those who can, sky is the limit. Schools should also get their acts together and rather making only the doctors and engineers, start focusing on other carrier options too. Doctors are not the only ones needed in this country, more importantly the country needs good bureaucrats and politicians at present. It requires educated, intelligent and good policy makers at the top, people who can understand and take the country forward.

Another advice to young of this country, you are the biggest vote bank, so come together and show your strength. Unity is strength, divided you fall, be the largest vote bank of this country, so that the political parties are forced to get above the religion and cast politics and start thinking about you, developing infrastructure, generating jobs rather distributing free laptop, phones and cookers.

“Let the truth win.”


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